Economic Investigation – Berlin – Deutschland

On behalf of business enterprises, this division mainly deals with the clarification of and advice on internal security matters of a confidential nature, as well as with the prevention of danger to business processes of any kind.

With our professional and discreet investigations and observations, the research of existing sources or the forensic securing of evidence, we provide our clients with reliable information for their strategic / tactical business decisions.

Our activity as a business detective agency, which operates both at home and abroad, mainly covers the following areas:

  • Business information on national and international companies
  • Security analyses, consulting and concepts, including IT security
  • Investigations in cases of suspected industrial espionage and sabotage
  • Investigations in case of burglary, vandalism or suspicion of other criminal acts
  • National and international tracing of persons
  • Creditworthiness information and debtor investigations, including searches for summonable addresses or whereabouts, payment monitoring
  • Searches on ownership and possession
  • Verification of the curriculum vitae as well as the reputation of applicants or of intended employees in positions of trust
  • Investigations in the field of competition law, unfair competition
  • Investigations into patent and copyright infringements, such as trademark and product piracy
  • In cases of suspected employee misconduct (taking advantage, misuse of sick pay, expense fraud, theft, etc.)
  • Search, seizure and return of lost company property
  • Investigations in cases of suspected investment fraud
  • Defense against technical attacks by illegal wiretapping or video technology
  • Observation of persons and objects
  • Investigations in cases of inheritance law

We are exclusively committed to you as our client. The professional qualifications and many years of experience as well as the multilingualism of our investigating staff, including the cooperation partners of our network that may become necessary depending on the situation, and the technical know-how used guarantee an optimal result.

You will be continuously informed about the results of our investigative activities and can decide on the basis of the current state of affairs whether to continue, extend or discontinue your assignment.

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