Anti-Conflict/ De-Escalation Training / Amok-Training

Increasing stress in everyday life and the resulting tension leads to conflict-provoking communication for many people. A verbal escalation can lead to physical violence under certain circumstances due to short-circuiting actions, sometimes with serious consequences. In order to protect your employees from such situations and strengthen their rhetorical skills, we offer in-house conflict management seminars.

We identify possible risks for the employee and convey specific contents with the aim of improving verbal and non-verbal communication strategies individually. In addition to individual training, we are also happy to train teams and work groups. In this context, we develop a concept for joint situational crisis management, which can also be easily applied to changing team members. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the accurate training implementation in your company.

Training of fire protection assistants (DGUV-I205-023)

Within the framework of the implementation of operational fire protection measures in accordance with §10 of the Occupational Safety and Health Act, the company is obliged to take suitable measures for fire fighting. The in-house training of fire protection assistants in accordance with the guidelines of DGUV Information 205-023 serves as a personnel measure.

In order to meet the requirements holistically and optimally, we are at your disposal in the context of a requirements analysis. We check the relevant fire protection-relevant occurrences in the company and train your employees according to the requirements of the DGUV Information 205-023. In addition, we take into account company-specific features which come into effect in accordance with ASR A2.2 (“Measures against fires”) and incorporate these into the theoretical and practical training.

The fire protection assistants have the following knowledge after successful training:

  • Legal bases for action
  • Basic principles of fire protection
  • Operational fire protection organization
  • Fire hazards and their possible effects
  • Implementation of organizational preventive measures to avoid fires in everyday business life
  • Getting to know the structural-technical fire protection as well as company-specific features
  • Function and mode of operation of fire fighting equipment in general
  • Hazard-specific fighting of incipient fires with the available extinguishing agents/fire protection equipment
  • Correct behaviour and communication in case of fire based on existing structures
  • Planning and execution of building clearances in your company
  • Alerting and briefing of rescue services to the object
  • Contents of an instruction of employees on the subject of fire protection at the workplace
  • Handling and use of evacuation aids (e.g. evac chair)

Our seminars can be held in your company or outside. In addition to the legally required contents for the training of fire protection assistants, you determine the type and scope of additional contents within the overall concept of your company.

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