Evacuation in private aircraft

In times of crisis – worldwide mobility in private aircraft

Crises, no matter on which continent of the world, usually lead to various obstacles to safe and unhindered travel in the affected regions. The “Corona crisis” in 2020 had reached every corner of the world within a few weeks and led to a very short-term standstill of any kind of social normality. Almost every airport was now closed or could only be used with great security effort.  And this became a major problem for many companies with a global economic presence, but also for private individuals:

Independent, unhindered and above all safe travel worldwide became extremely problematic, even almost impossible. Reaching destination regions quickly for the purpose of an extraordinary clarification of business interests at short notice, or even bringing employees back home from decentrally remote regions, became a massive problem.

What does a flight in a private jet cost?

But also: How much does a flight in a private jet cost? What kind of service does the flight offer? What permits are required? What are the boarding times and how fast can flights be realized? Companies in particular pay a high price for this if they are restricted in their economic activities. Without the possibility to fly and travel, many businesses are on hold or do not even come into existence. Employees and managers are missing or cannot be deployed properly. High losses are threatening, because nobody can foresee an end to this crisis. A private jet for an urgently needed flight is the perfect solution.

Rapid emergency evacuation with a private aircraft and a suitable security service

This is where we come in: We as the PSA team will protect you and your values to the fullest extent. We support you, your family and your employees when you need an evacuation or a fast, uncomplicated flight. For this purpose, our team relies on a private jet, which is deployed worldwide and will fly you to any destination of your choice. With a charter flight in a jet with us you are on the safe side and can rely on the best service. It goes without saying that all relevant planning and regulations are carried out and coordinated by our company. Likewise, we can prepare a protected place in the destination region for you, so that on your arrival, if possible, everything is prepared for your activities there.

Unfortunately, due to current regulations, the use of an aircraft from other countries can only take place 12 hours after receipt of the order at the earliest, provided that the landing rights have been released. Domestic use can usually be arranged at short notice, but requires a lead time of about two hours.

If you have any questions, we will be happy to assist you to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Please contact us and describe your project so that we can offer you the best possible solution for a fast flight and any other services you may require.