Security Concepts


Any challenge, any risk, any potential event that could jeopardize your safety, requires a concerted approach and your own action package. Not just tailored to your own needs. But tailor-made to every individual customer requirement for every arising security situation.

We develop individual concepts from our personal counselling. For implementation by yourself – or to be implemented by our qualified team.

Conceptual work

What do we mean by a security concept? First of all, it’s a series of coordinated safety measures which only achieve maximum effect in their respective combination.

Depending on the protected person, object or situation, these can be personal, technical, organizational, structural and insurance measures. The necessary protection is agreed on the basis of a systematic risk analysis and on the basis of predefined protection targets.

The basis for active defense

Our highly qualified team includes experts for various fields of application. Among them are consulters, analysts, engineers and lawyers, all of whom have many years of professional experience and have worked mainly for federal and state offices.

That is just one the reasons why we have a sound knowledge of the current development of various attack and defense technologies. Plus we have a vast network of international contacts, eg to manufacturers of special electronics. Our technical know-how and our training are up-to-date. Always.

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