Security Services by PSA-Sicherheits­management

There are dangerous security gaps in almost every company. The weak points are manifold. Particularly in the areas of research and development, production and human resources, the negligent use of passwords, manipulable telephone systems and computer workstations, buggable conference rooms, the uncontrolled duplication of paper documents and the eavesdropping on oral conversations are just a few examples.

Unsecured broadband Internet connections allow valuable know-how to be stolen. This is another way to eavesdrop on conversations and to record, steal, evaluate and ultimately sabotage data. Due to insufficient protection, central company computers or archives can be permanently spied out unnoticed.

However, the greatest, often underestimated risk is posed by humans. Perpetrators often come from within the company. Often it is employees at the control points of the company. Triggering factors that turn colleagues into white-collar criminals are often frustration at work, money worries and a craving for recognition. But new employees – from managers to trainees – are also deliberately channelled into companies and thus represent a major security risk. The opportunity for white-collar crime is encouraged by inadequate controls and lack of prevention.

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