Diversity & Inclusion


Diversity is any dimension that differentiates people and groups in terms of age, gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, education, and national origin.

The word inclusion refers to diversity and in this context means the benevolent and value-adding inclusion of all people and groups regardless of the differences already mentioned.


PSA Sicherheitsmanagement GmbH is primarily concerned with raising awareness of all employees in order to promote mutual acceptance, tolerant behavior in collegial interaction and the resulting added value in mutual exchange.

Each individual in a corporate environment brings with him or her a variety of perspectives, a unique life experience in private and professional life, as well as religious and cultural differences, which play an important role in corporate development.

Implementation in the company

Individual Support

Consideration of current statistical values and D&I management goals in staff acquisition/selection and career advancement.


Implementation of D&I-compatible guidelines and process improvements.

Team Coaching

Awareness-raising and coaching of managers, workshops and regular exchanges.

Teambuidling Workshops / Events

Theme-based teambuilding activities and get-to-know-you workshops for employees to promote internal team spirit.

Customer Advantages


The perception of PSA Sicherheitsmanagement GmbH by our customers benefits from the awareness and the improvement of the social skills and empathy ability of our employees.


By understanding multicultural diversity, international customers and business partners can expect faster and more goal-oriented support and processing of orders.


The extensive experience of our diversified workforce provides clients with an ever-expanding knowledge resource and a broader range of capabilities.


The assistance of our customers at all national as well as international locations has top priority for us. This is made possible by a global-minded and motivated team, which promotes the expansion of the global network and maintains it.

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