About us


We live in an era of huge challenges and opportunities. Increased mobility, digital communication and political renewal have opened up a vast array of new possibilities – and threats. These changes often involve increased risks to security and property. Especially where data security is concerned.

Consulting – Concepts – Commitment

Our services range from consulting and counselling (on topics like risk management, investigations and data security) to security services (like personal protection, building protection or  fire protection) to economic investigations . Thus we can effectively monitor the risks and the dangers to which especially those in the forefront of political, business and cultural matters are exposed. Personalities as well as companies

Rapid and with lasting effects

Our services range from rapid intervention in as little as two hours to security concepts tailored to your specific wishes and requirements with systematic examination and elimination of all possible weaknesses. So as to ensure that our presence does not get in the way, we operate discreetly and, where possible, completely out of sight.

With clockwork precision

We look to provide effective protection while giving you a feeling of safety. With each and every factor considered and woven together, you can move freely and without restraints, concentrating on essentials  – while leaving the details to us. We know our craft – see our list of references or check our ISO certification.

Ready for every challenge

Security is not a condition but a process. Whether you need to react rapidly to an unusual situation or are looking for a new security concept for your business, we offer flexible responses to challenges of all kinds.

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